Video The creators of the two dimensional role playing action The Vagrant

Video: The creators of the two-dimensional role-playing action The Vagrant have released the first trailer for the console versions

Publisher Rainy Frog and developer of the Chinese studio OTK Games submitted the debut trailer for Sword of the Vagrant, the console versions of his 2D RPG The Vagrant.

    Image Credit: Rainy Frog

Image Credit: Rainy Frog

Recall that the existence of Sword of the Vagrant became known from the recent issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine: its release was expected in June on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The new trailer is almost two minutes long and shows a snippet of Sword of the Vagrant gameplay. The video confirmed the list of target platforms, but was silent about the timing of the release. Rainy Frog, on the other hand, limited himself to the wording “soon”.

Players in The Vagrant take on the role of the wandering mercenary Vivian. To uncover the truth about her childhood, the heroine must make her way through hordes of monsters, mysterious forests and haunted castles.

The Vagrant debuted on PC in July 2018 (steam). The game is priced at $4 on Valve’s digital distribution service (save 70% off through May 26), while there is demand for the project on consoles $10.

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