Video surfaced online showing Intels flagship Arc Alchemist graphics card

Video surfaced online showing Intel’s flagship Arc Alchemist graphics card

One of the Twitter users posted a video, briefly demonstrating the Intel Arc Alchemist discrete graphics card. It looks like this is the same model of accelerator photos of which were published a few days ago. The video and photos are said to have leaked from Intel Graphics’ closed channel in Discord Messenger.

Image Source: Twitter / @Ayxerious

Image Source: Twitter / @Ayxerious

Unfortunately, the quality of the published video is not very high, so it is problematic to consider the graphics card in detail. The images show that the card is built on a black PCB and comes with a set of three DisplayPort connectors and one HDMI. The accelerator has two external power connectors: one 8-pin and one 6-pin. A two-slot CO with two fans is responsible for cooling the accelerator.

Another Twitter user posted a slightly higher quality photo of her from this accelerator. It appears that this version of Intel Arc Alchemist has eight video memory chips on board, presumably with support for a 256-bit bus. You can also determine the presence of at least a 10-phase power supply subsystem.

Image Source: Twitter / @SquashBionic

Image Source: Twitter / @SquashBionic

The video and photos above may contain a technical example of Arc Alchemist’s flagship GPU-based graphics card with 512 execution units. According to previous rumors, this accelerator is capable of delivering GeForce RTX 3070 Ti-level performance.


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