Video some new gameplay clips of roleplaying action Forspoken

Video: some new gameplay clips of roleplaying action Forspoken

Publisher Square Enix, along with developers from Luminous Productions, revealed a new trailer for role-playing action in the open world Forspoken as part of the recent State of Play presentation.

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

In the description of the video on YouTube, the authors of the project remind that the main character Frey finds himself against her will in the unusual and cruel land of Atia. To do this, the girl must use magical combat skills and parkour skills “Don’t fall into the clutches of horrible, hideous creatures”hiding in the crack.

Also, as already promised, Game Informer journalists released a short video dedicated to the magical combat abilities of the main character of Forspoken.

Takefumi Terada, one of the project designers, spoke about the importance of the game’s key mechanics: “Magic really is at the heart of Forspoken. So we really made sure to give players a wide range of magic.”.

Access to the spell-based Forspoken combat system is organized in the UI in the form of a triangle on the lower-right side of the screen. The left and right points at the base of the triangle summon support and attack magic, respectively. And at the top are spells that the player uses frequently.

Forspoken is made for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 5. The project is scheduled to be released on October 11 this year.


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