Video Sekiro style battles and offbeat Asian fantasy in action platformer Nine

Video: Sekiro-style battles and offbeat Asian fantasy in action-platformer Nine Sols trailer

Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games, which developed the horror games Detention and Devotion, has unveiled a teaser trailer for the 2D action-platformer Nine Sols. Fundraising for the development of the game continues on-site – 88% more than the requested amount has already been raised.

    Image Source: Red Candle Games

Image Source: Red Candle Games

The teaser partly repeats the trailer for the start of the crowdfunding campaign, but also contains new footage, including from story clips.

The campaign to support the game began on March 18th on Red Candle Games’ own store. The minimum amount has already been received – NT$3 million (US$104,600). As of this writing, the total fees are NT$5,645,562 (US$196,857). A total of 4165 users contributed to the financing. Donations will close on May 8th.

When the fees reach NT$6 million, the developers will add a Lite Story mode for those who want to play the game for the story’s sake. NT$9 million for in-engine cutscenes, NT$12 million for alternate endings and NT$15 million for hidden bosses.

According to the plot, Yi, the hero of a forgotten past, must take revenge on the nine Solam, the former rulers of the kingdom of New Kunlun (New Kunlun). During the journey, he will unveil the mysteries of the ancient alien race that once inhabited this world and learn the fate of mankind.

Nine Sols is inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hollow Knight and Katana Zero. Among the features, the authors highlight the Daopunk entourage, which combines cyberpunk, Taoism and East Asian mythology, dynamic battles, classic location exploration, and an engaging storyline with Japanese manga-style cutscenes. Also, players can communicate and trade with NPCs, as well as develop active and passive skills.

Particular attention is paid to the combat system. The main ones will be reflective (in the spirit of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) and charged attacks. Also, the hero will be able to shoot a bow, do jerks and double jumps. Each of the nine main bosses gets a unique fighting style and features.

Nine Sols has been in development for over two years and will be the studio’s biggest release to date. According to the authors, the fate of the project does not depend on the success of the campaign – it would go to publication even if it failed. The main goal is to grab users’ attention and get feedback that can be used to improve the game.

Nine soles in preparation for the PCsteam). Towards the end of development, the creators will start porting the game to Nintendo and Sony consoles (no details). Release dates are not mentioned.


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