Video: Prehistory of the Conflict and Familiar Faces in Exodus Short Story Based on Battlefield 2042

As promised, on August 12, Electronic Arts Publishing in collaboration with developers from DICE and Ripple Effect Studios presented short film “Exodus” based on Battlefield 2042.

Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

The unveiled video is just over nine minutes long and reveals the backstory of Battlefield 2042, namely the events that led to the Civil War of the Restless in the game world.

The film focuses on the familiar to Battlefield 4 fans Kimble Graves (aka Irish), who, as the captain of the Restless ship “Exodus”, must choose between the lives of 200 refugees on his ship and the future of all the Restless.

The Irishman is the fifth Specialist out of ten that will be at the start of Battlefield 2042. Each of these operators has unique equipment and abilities that predetermine their tactics of warfare.

For pre-ordering Battlefield 2042, users will receive a unique Battle-Scarred Irish skin, an epic Mr. Bite weapon mascot, a Landing Background and an Old Guard token for a profile, and early access to the game’s beta test.

In addition to ten specialists at launch, the developers of Battlefield 2042 promise up to 128 people on the battlefield and the Battlefield Portal, a community-supported platform within the game itself.

Battlefield 2042 will go on sale on October 22 this year for PC (Steam, Origin), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. EA Play subscribers will receive a 10-hour trial access to the project a week before release.

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