Video players found an unusual way to speed up the

Video: players found an unusual way to speed up the hero in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – you need to connect a second controller

Reddit forum user alias hamsterhead64 noticed an undocumented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet RPG feature for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

    Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

As it turned out, by connecting a second controller to the Nintendo Switch, the movement speed of the protagonists Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the game world can be literally doubled.

Through Words Journalist Dave Breens, Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet will automatically disable the second player’s controller, but not Joy-Con controllers connected to the Switch.

As reported by hamsterhead64 (see the video attached above), you need to deflect the left stick in the right direction on both connected controllers to double the acceleration of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet heroes.

Game Freak Studio developers have not yet commented on the situation with double movement speed, however, the bug found is just one of many that players have discovered since the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

On social networks, fans of the popular franchise actively share videos demonstrating flaws and shortcomings of varying severity – one of the curiosities is captured in the four-second video above.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet debuted on the Nintendo Switch on November 18th. The game went on metacritical only 76 out of 100% (the lowest score for major releases since Emerald), mainly due to the abundance of bugs and performance issues.

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