Video Pegasus Expedition announcement trailer for 4X Space Strategy

Video: Pegasus Expedition announcement trailer for 4X Space Strategy

Developers at studio Kalla Gameworks have partnered with publisher 1C Entertainment to release an announcement trailer of The Pegasus Expedition, a Space 4X space survival strategy game.

    Image source: 1C Entertainment

Image source: 1C Entertainment

In the story, faced with an insurmountable threat at home, humanity sends an expedition to the Pegasus galaxy for sanctuary. The plans have been interrupted by an interstellar war that you definitely need to be a part of.

In The Pegasus Expedition, the player is put in charge of managing an entire space fleet, and the local story must surprise with a serious narrative of difficult choices and inevitable consequences.

The gameplay of The Pegasus Expedition incorporates familiar 4X strategy mechanics with economic management, fleet gathering, technology research and diplomacy.

Pegasus Expedition is slated to release later this year for PC (steam). The exact date will be announced later.

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