Video of the day An enthusiast showed what our universe

Video of the day: An enthusiast showed what our universe looks like in Minecraft

ChrisDaCow blogger specializing in cinematics and Minecraft mod builds, divided with the players with his new creation in Mojang’s blocky sandbox – he created “the whole universe”.

    Image source: ChrisDaCow

Image source: ChrisDaCow

In the video on his YouTube channel (attached below), the enthusiast notes that of course the entire universe with its unimaginable size could not fit in Minecraft, so some sacrifices had to be made.

Thus, the planets of our solar system turned out to be about 700,000 times smaller than their prototypes, and the three disks that form a supermassive black hole, which ideally flows into each other, only create the illusion of its effect.

    *per mail* It took ChrisDaCow two days to paint the structure alone (Image credit: ChrisDaCow and NASA)

It took ChrisDaCow two days to paint the structure alone (Image credit: ChrisDaCow and NASA)

As for filling the Universe block, ChrisDaCow limited himself to the solar system, a cluster of galaxies, and the “Pillars of Creation” – a star-forming region in the Eagle Nebula about 7000 light-years from Earth.

In addition to building the “pillars” themselves (which, according to the blogger’s calculations, are 1175 times larger than our solar system), the enthusiast had to figure out the lighting, the surrounding stars and “Magic Glowing Background”.

Finally, ChrisDaCow created the clumps of galaxy clusters and voids that the universe appears to be in a simulation of its large-scale structure. The entire work process, which took the blogger a month and a half, is captured in the 13-minute video above.

Subscribers to his Patreon can join ChrisDaCow’s vision of the universe in blocks. To get access to six Minecraft builds (featuring a solar system, black hole, etc.) you have to pay $5.


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