Video New trailer and gameplay of the post apocalyptic story driven network

Video: New trailer and gameplay of the post-apocalyptic story-driven network action game Ashfall

NetEase Games has introduced Ashfall, a story-driven open-world action game. The announcement of the project, about which the first information appeared at the end of June, was accompanied by a separate trailer, as well as a video demonstrating the gameplay.

    Image source: NetEase Games

Image source: NetEase Games

Ashfall is set in a post-apocalyptic world that survived nuclear war, orchestrated by a sinister artificial intelligence. Right at the beginning of the game, the hero leaves the shelter and goes in search of the core of creation – the key to saving the world.

“Barren deserts, abandoned cities, ancient world battlefields, bustling survivor settlements… Combining unique oriental culture and post-apocalyptic elements, each area showcases a different theme and offers its own cultural vibe.”this is how the developers describe the world and locations of Ashfall.

The gameplay here combines the usual online game mechanics with an emphasis on storytelling. New missions, locations, and content are unlocked as you progress through the story. Alongside other players, you will meet unique NPCs in the world of Ashfall and witness random events.

Ashfall is being developed with a view to making exploring the wastelands, survivor settlements, abandoned towns and ancient battlefields equally interesting in solo mode as well as in the company of friends.

The following features are also announced for the post-apocalyptic shooter from NetEase Games: detailed character customization, dynamic weather changes and a reliable hit registration system. Famed composers Inon Zur and Hans Zimmer helped write the soundtrack.

Ashfall is coming to PC in 2023steam) and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

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