Video New Torchlight Infinite trailer shows hero abilities

Video: New Torchlight: Infinite trailer shows hero abilities

Developers of the Chinese studio XD have released a new trailer for the mobile action RPG Torchlight: Infinite, dedicated to the upcoming start of the closed beta test.

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The video features different characters and the editing of moments demonstrates the variety of visual effects when using certain abilities.

For beta testing, XD has prepared four heroes with rich skills, three story chapters and many drop items.

A gameplay video of Torchlight: Infinite, recorded with a Google Pixel 6 smartphone, also appeared on the internet, showing the gameplay for a heroine named Gemma, a spell caster with the powers of fire and ice. When Ice or Fire’s energy reaches its maximum, it fires pulses of Ice or Fire and assumes the appropriate form.

Torchlight: Infinite closed beta testing begins January 18 for iOS and Android. To participate in the event, you can register at official site Project. A release date for the final version of Torchlight: Infinite will be announced at a later date.


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