Video New Heroine Features and Auto Combo Feature in Bayonetta 3

Video: New Heroine Features and Auto-Combo Feature in Bayonetta 3 7 Minute Gameplay Demo

Publisher Nintendo and developers from the Japanese studio PlatinumGames presented as part of the September issue of Nintendo Direct new trailer and 7 minute gameplay video his slasher Bayonetta 3.

    Image source: Nintendo

Image source: Nintendo

According to the plot, Bayonetta, her acquaintances are the mysterious witch Viola (another playable character) and “a whole circle of other bayonets” You must save reality from the homunculi – artificial biological weapons.

The unveiled trailer introduces and promises the plot, Bayonetta herself and several of her companions (including Viola). “Travel the world and summon demons that will make your hair stand on end”.

The gameplay video presents the main features of the game for Bayonetta and Viola (controls, basic and special moves, summoning demons) and accessibility settings (difficulty level, automatic combinations).

Bayonetta 3 will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 28th. The developers promise “Incredibly Epic Battles”different locations and “Revolutionary” chaste mode “Naive Angel”.

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