Video Nearly eight minutes of Steelrising action RPG gameplay

Video: Nearly eight minutes of Steelrising action RPG gameplay

Gameplay video of role-playing action Steelrising, developed by French studio Spiders and published by Nacon, has appeared on the official YouTube channel of gaming publication IGN. Almost all of the attention in the video is given to the fights.

    Image source: Nacon

Image source: Nacon

Matt Parslow (Matt Purslow), the author of the publication IGN, called Steelrising “A worthy tribute to FromSoftware games, despite the smaller budget and rough edges”. The project appeared to be very similar to Parslow Bloodborne, both visually and in the setting of the battles.

The IGN journalist also noted that the new Spiders project does not look as good in dynamics as the latest FromSoftware games, but the Steelrising entourage itself comes to the rescue here. In the game world, all the main characters are robots, so the “torn” animations in combat clashes look quite harmonious.

Remember that the events of Steelrising take place in an alternate version of Paris during the French Revolution and players take on the role of Aegis, Queen Marie Antoinette’s robotic bodyguard.

The capital is appalled. Users must stop the merciless mechanical army of King Louis XVI, who decided to crush the revolution with bloodshed.

Steelrising will be available on September 8th this year for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S.

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