Video Journalists compared PC and Switch versions of Monster Hunter

Video: Journalists compared PC and Switch versions of Monster Hunter Rise

portal GameSpot posted a comparison video on his official YouTube channel showing what the action RPG Monster Hunter Rise looks like on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

The video published by GameSpot is approximately 8 minutes long and features a comparison of similar / identical scenes (including combat) in the versions of Monster Hunter Rise for the mentioned target platforms.

It is reported that the PC edition of Monster Hunter Rise ran in the video at 1440p maximum settings, but with motion blur and depth of field turned off.

GameSpot journalist compares Monster Hunter Rise on the PC “Looks like a clearer, cleaner version of what we got on the Switch.”, and cannot offer any significant graphics enhancements.

At the same time, persistent shadow dithering is observed in Monster Hunter Rise on the PC (see screenshot below). The GameSpot rep was unable to fix the problem and hopes it will be fixed in future patches.

Image source: GameSpot

Image source: GameSpot

Before that, the first reviews of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise appeared. The port has received critical acclaim for its detailed graphics settings, faster downloads, support for unlimited frame rates, and ultra-wide monitors.

Monster Hunter Rise debuted on Nintendo Switch in March 2021 and will go on sale for PC (Steam) tomorrow, January 12th. The game will not be able to offer crossplay or transfer of saved games between platforms.

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