Video huge world generation in a short technical demo of

Video: huge world generation in a short technical demo of a new project from the creator of PUBG

The creator of the royal battle PUBG Brendan Greene (Brendan Greene), also known under the pseudonym PlayerUnknown, in his microblog introduced a small tech demo of Prologue, his next project.

Image Credit: PlayerUnknown Productions

Image Credit: PlayerUnknown Productions

The released prologue video lasts about 50 seconds and demonstrates the generation of a large (64 square km) game world. The video is only available on Twitter.

According to Green, the released tech demo was created in early 2021: “It gave me the confidence to think about planet-sized worlds and the possibilities they offer to players.”.

Keep in mind that Prologue is positioned as a large-scale experiment in creating AAA open-world games with procedural generation. What his direct part of the game is is still unclear.

Prologue was unveiled at The Game Awards 2019 in December 2019. Green’s new project is being created by his studio, PlayerUnknown Productions, which officially launched in September 2021.


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