Video How the turn based gameplay of the colorful fantasy strategy

Video: How the turn-based gameplay of the colorful fantasy strategy game Songs of Silence combines with real-time combat

Developers from the German studio Chimera Entertainment presented a new gameplay video of their fantasy strategy Songs of Silence, inspired by Ogre Battle, Kohan and Warlords. The video was shown as part of the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted presentation.

    Image source: Chimera Entertainment

Image source: Chimera Entertainment

The action of Songs of Silence takes place in a fantasy universe where the worlds of light and darkness wage an eternal war. The project combines turn-based kingdom management, world exploration and hero development with epic battles in real time.

The authors showed two key components of Songs of Silence – movement on the world map and real-time battles. In the recorded video, the player controls his hero and his army, explores locations, sets up units of various types in battle formations, uses cards with reinforcement spells, and slowly clears an important location of enemies.

Songs of Silence will be released in spring 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Available now steam And GOG Demo version available for download.

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