Video: horror shooter Quantum Error moved to Unreal Engine 5

Studio TeamKill Media announced that the action game with horror elements Quantum Error is now being developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 5. The game was originally announced last spring as a project on Unreal Engine 4. Upgrading to the fifth numbered version will improve detail and lighting. The difference will mostly be noticed by attentive players who saw the first shooter trailers.

Source: TeamKill Media

Source: TeamKill Media

The authors noted that transferring materials from the old version to the new one took a lot of effort. Initially, the developers only tried to port a small scene to Unreal Engine 5, after which they did not want to go back. The studio celebrated the transition to UE5 with a new teaser – a short video shows a room with reflections on the floor and the effects of a certain portal.

In Quantum Error, players will travel to the research facility from which the fire signals came. Arriving at the place, the main character will very soon understand that the matter will not be limited only to saving people – an unknown and creepy creature has entered the building, which must be stopped before it gets out.

Quantum Error is coming to PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series. The project has no release date yet.

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