Video Gameplay trailer for hyper realistic action film Project TH starring

Video: Gameplay trailer for hyper-realistic action film Project TH starring the star of “Squid Games”

Developers from South Korea’s EVR Studios on the eve of the G-STAR 2022 exhibition submitted Gameplay trailer for his hyper-realistic cinematic action-adventure codenamed Project TH.

    Image source: EVR Studio

Image source: EVR Studio

The abbreviation TH in Project TH stands for Two Hearts. The game tells about the near future where South and North Korea are on the verge of unification.

The story of Project TH is told from the perspective of three protagonists:

  • Ji Chung Tae, a North Korean soldier who came to South Korea on a military exchange program;
  • Gavi is a member of the emerging Korean pop group ORDO;
  • ID: Ghost – a former South Korean soldier, now a mysterious terrorist.

The released Project TH trailer features clips of single-protagonist gameplay, starring actor Lee Hong-nae of TV series Extraordinary Demon Hunter.

The project also includes Heo Sung-tae, who portrayed gangster Jang Dok-soo on the popular Netflix show The Squid Game. His game staging was also featured in last year’s teaser (see below).

Creator promise hyper-realistic characters and environments, and high-quality action with melee and long-range combat, stealth (you need to monitor sound and light levels), and a variety of weapons.

Project TH doesn’t even have a tentative release date yet. The game is developed on the Unreal Engine for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S based on the digital comic (webtoon) Moodang.

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