Video Gameplay of FEAR inspired shooter Trepang2 with sneaky enemies parkour

Video: Gameplay of FEAR-inspired shooter Trepang2 with sneaky enemies, parkour and time dilation

Trepang Studio developers together with Team17 Digital have released a new gameplay trailer for Trepang2, a first-person shooter in the spirit of FEAR

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

A new video is dedicated to the protagonist’s unusual weapon – a bolt gun whose grenades explode a few seconds after the shot. The authors demonstrated the operation of the weapon in different situations, including when the time dilation mode is activated.

The Trepang2 shooter largely copies the recognizable features of the original FEAR: advanced enemy AI, spectacular firefights, destruction system and of course time dilation with bright tracers of fired bullets.

Trepang2 doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but the project does own page on Steam. Last progress report Approved at the beginning of the current month.


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