Video Full Race Racing and gameplay basics in the new

Video: Full Race Racing and gameplay basics in the new Bloodborne kart demo

Heartstrings Studios Lead Programmer Lilith Walther introduced New gameplay trailer and fresh details of the Bloodborne kart racing arcade based on the gothic action Bloodborne.

    Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

The published video is almost three minutes long and shows a race on the Oedon underpass. Judging by the video’s title, it took the developer about two months to create it.

During the Grand Prix, users must slide (generates bullets to gain speed), shoot down ordinary enemies (increases speed), and accelerate at the expense of rivals (to do this, you need to rush into a downed opponent).

Walter notes that he is planning a short single-player campaign and a split-screen mode for Bloodborne Kart, additional racers and vehicles, and artificial intelligence improvements.

Bloodborne Kart is expected to be released on PC when the game launches “Will be ready”. The project is made in the style of Bloodborne PSX – an unofficial demake of Bloodborne, also developed by the Walter team.

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