Video: Fragile Holmes, Non-Lethal Approach and Surety Snuffbox in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Combat Trailer

Frogwares Studio in the official microblog a series of his detective adventures about Sherlock Holmes presented an overview gameplay trailer of the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One combat system.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Recall that in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, players will be reincarnated as 21-year-old Sherlock Holmes. The young detective does not have a large supply of health, therefore “Any wound can be fatal”

In this regard, the hero will have to use dexterity and cunning in order to survive the collisions with the bandits: shoot at their vulnerable points and stun (using the elements of the environment or his snuffbox).

The non-lethal approach (knocking out a stunned enemy) is considered canonical by the developers of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, but theoretically, nothing prevents users from simply killing their enemies.

However, such cruelty has a downside: killing enemies can negatively affect the attitude of his partner, the mysterious Jonathan, towards Holmes, which in turn will affect the mental health of the hero.

The developers also recalled the opportunity to skip combat episodes altogether (there will be a corresponding option in the menu), presented as part of the recent gameplay demo of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will go on sale November 16 this year for PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The release of versions for PS4 and Xbox One is expected within a few weeks.

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