Video Features of the game for the Kandarian Demon in

Video: Features of the game for the Kandarian Demon in the new gameplay video of Evil Dead: The Game

As promised Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive submitted Gameplay video of his cooperative-competitive action game Evil Dead: The Game dedicated to the Kandarian demon.

Image Credit: Saber Interactive

Image Credit: Saber Interactive

The released video lasts just over a minute and demonstrates the gameplay features of the Kandarian Demon. Behind the frame comes the “voice” of Ash Williams, actor Bruce Campbell.

The Kandarian Demon in Evil Dead: The Game will be able to take control of its minions, environmental objects (including trees) and even the survivors themselves. The monster will have several forms: Henrietta, Evil Ash, Eligos and others.

Evil Dead: The Game offers the role of Ash and his friends from Evil Dead to stop the invasion of demons on earth or take on the tasks of a monster to destroy the heroes. Also promise a single mode and crossplay.

Evil Dead: The Game is expected to be released on May 13 this year on PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The Nintendo Switch version will hit shelves a little later.


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