Video Fallout 76 fan concept trailer featuring live actors wowed

Video: Fallout 76 fan concept trailer featuring live actors wowed Bethesda and regular viewers

Live-action video game-inspired director Brian Curtin, aka Infectious Designer on YouTube, has released a concept trailer for the film adaptation of the Fallout 76 multiplayer action role-playing game. Bethesda has already responded to the fan-made creation.

    Image source: YouTube (Infectious Designer)

Image source: YouTube (Infectious Designer)

Infectious Designer’s video depicts Fallout’s idyllic pre-nuclear world: American flags flapping in the wind, a Nuka-Cola delivery man doing his job with a smile, a child playing with a Mister Helper robot. And then the bombs fall…

After the apocalypse begins, the trailer shows the survivors exploring Appalachia (the main location of Fallout 76), trying on power armor and mowing down mutants, remodeling gear in the workshop, and finally encountering the deathclaw himself in a dark cave.

Curtin’s creation received a lot of positive feedback from audiences and praise as well Bethesda itself: This fan video showing Fallout 76 live action has left us speechless! Brian Curtin (@infectious_designer at [соцсетях]) did a great job as a director!”

Meanwhile, Amazon Studios and Kilter Films have an as yet untitled Fallout series in production. Rough release dates aren’t given either, but filming on the show didn’t begin until July of this year. The first frame of the upcoming adaptation was released at the end of October.

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