Video Exploring the environment and fighting monsters in new gameplay

Video: Exploring the environment and fighting monsters in new gameplay footage of the Alone in the Dark relaunch

Following the Friday evening presentation of the psychological survival horror Alone in the Dark, the Spanish portal hobby consoles has released a video with new gameplay footage from the project.

    Image source: THQ Nordic

Image source: THQ Nordic

Recall that according to the plot, Emily Hartwood is on a search for her missing uncle on the Derceto estate along with private detective Edward Carnby, where they encounter monsters and puzzles.

The footage released by HobbyConsolas shows about a minute and a half of Alone in the Dark gameplay, including exploring the environment and shooting monsters, involving both protagonists.

New footage of Alone in the Dark can be seen alongside comments from HobbyConsolas journalists in a video on blogger Cycu1’s YouTube channel. The video shows the pre-alpha status of the game.

Alone in the Dark is being made for PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. The project is billed as a reboot of the original trilogy with an all-new story. An interactive teaser of Grace in the Dark will be available at gamescom 2022.

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