Video Evotinctions stealth action trailer reveals the plot

Video: Evotinction’s stealth action trailer reveals the plot

Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai and the Spikewave Games studio, which consists of former employees of 2K China, presented a gameplay trailer for the stealth action Evotinction. The released video reveals the plot of the game.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai

The protagonist of Evotinction, Dr. Liu, reveals in the video that the RED virus has taken control of the artificial intelligence HERE. Robots started attacking people, and the player has to deal with all the difficulties, wandering through the corridors and resisting enemy technologies.

The basis of Evotinction gameplay is stealth with “unique” hack mechanics. The main character will be able to interact with remote control devices and a variety of gadgets. Robots can be reprogrammed using them as partners and combat vehicles.

The stealth action game Evotinction is to be released for the PCsteam) and two generations of PlayStation consoles. At the time of the announcement, which took place back in 2019, the authors promised to release the project only on PS4, but now the platform geography has expanded.

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