Video: eerie atmosphere in the gameplay trailer for Negative Atmosphere – a space horror in the spirit of Dead Space

Developers from the Sunscorched studio have presented the first full-fledged gameplay trailer in the last two years for Negative Atmosphere, a space horror action game inspired by the Dead Space series. In a separate video, the creators talked about their team and the development progress.

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Negative Atmosphere is a third-person horror action game powered by Unreal Engine 4. Players will play the role of Samuel Edwards, the chief medical officer of the TRH Rusanov space cargo ship that transports colonists to new planets. A mysterious epidemic turned the hero’s comrades into monsters, and now he must make his way through the entire ship to get out. He will have to use his professional skills to help the wounded, improve his abilities and destroy enemies.

Edwards reacts to what is happening taking into account his beliefs and past experience, so every decision made by the player affects not only the environment, but also the hero… “This means that moral choice is not only what you want as a player, – note the authors. – It is important to study the values ​​of Samuel: whether you work with them or against them depends on his mental state and attitude to events. “

In a fresh trailer, Edwards kills one of the infected and finds a mech suit that helps him get through the toxic gas-filled rooms. However, the suit is damaged, and error messages become another source of concern, along with falling oxygen levels, sparking wires in hallways, and approaching monsters.

Horror has changed a lot since the show at EGX Rezzed 2019. The improvements in the environment, lighting and hero model are especially noticeable. The game will also feature mechanical opponents – robots that have become aggressive due to the chaos on the ship – but they were not included in the new video.

According to Sunscorched Studios founder Calvin Parsons, four people were working on Negative Atmosphere in early 2019. According to information on official website, now the team has over 12 employees. User donations for Patreon… The main character is voiced by Ki McKenzie, the creative director of the project, responsible for the plot, world and characters.

As the sound engineer Gael Perrin said in a video blog, the Google Resonance plugin is used for the surround sound in the game. Thanks to him, for example, when approaching an enemy moving along the ventilation, the user hears a growing metallic knock coming from the ceiling. On the soundtrack, Perrin combines electronic and orchestral music.

Negative Atmosphere still doesn’t even have an approximate release date. The game will be released in Steam… Also, the developers are considering the possibility of transferring horror to the console.

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