Video Dozens of minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on

Video: Dozens of minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on PS5 and base PS4

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of Horizon Forbidden West, YouTube-sanctioned videos have surfaced showing the open-world action-adventure on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Keep in mind that Horizon Forbidden West looks noticeably worse on the base PS4 than on PS5, suffers from texture loading in front of the user and lengthy downloads. However, reviewers called the PS4 version quite playable.

How Horizon Forbidden West looks and works on a standard PS4 can be seen in the 13 minute video posted by IGN. Journalists showed battles, underwater and platform sections, and conversations with characters.

As for the PS5, the game can be played in two modes on the latest Sony console: resolution (full 4K at 30fps) and performance (checkerboard 1800p at 60fps).

For example, blogger MKIceAndFire showed the first three hours of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. Of course, such long videos inevitably contain plot and gameplay spoiler.

Recall that according to the plot in Horizon Forbidden West, life is on the verge of another extinction, and in order to save everyone, the machine tamer Aloy must go to unknown lands – the so-called Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West launches tomorrow, February 18th (available in select regions) on PS4 and PS5. Journalists were happy with the game: the average rating on Metacritic is 89 out of 100%.


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