Video: DJing in the Wavelengths Expansion Trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors

As promised, on August 12, Square Enix Publishing and Deck Nine Games presented a new trailer for the Wavelengths expansion for the upcoming adventure Life is Strange: True Colors.

Image Source: Square Enix

Image Source: Square Enix

Recall that Wavelengths tells the story of the life of Steph Gingrich from Life is Strange: Before the Storm in the town of Haven Springs before the arrival of Alex Chen, the main character of the main game.

The add-on will take place at the Rocky Mountain Record Traders store and on KRCT radio station (the best and only one in Haven Springs), whose DJ became Steph for a year.

During the mentioned period of time, the players will have to find out details about Steph’s past and her relationship, and the heroine will try to return the store to its former glory, reveal its secrets and determine her future.

As a DJ, Steph will be able to select songs for a playlist, advertise local businesses, help callers solve their problems (using a 20-sided), and more.

On the Wavelengths page at Steam it is reported that hits from such music artists as Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Foals, Hayley Kiyoko, Maribou State and more will accompany Steph’s story.

Wavelengths is expected to be released on September 30 on PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Google Stadia, and on Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. The addon is part of the extended and full editions of Life is Strange: True Colors.

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