Video Cut from Bloodbornes monstrous boss in all his unfinished

Video: Cut from Bloodborne’s monstrous boss in all his unfinished glory

In a new video on his YouTube channel, dataminer Lance McDonald showed Snake Ball, a cut boss from FromSoftware’s gothic action Bloodborne, looking at various stages of development.

    Image Source: Reddit (XTrinX)

Image Source: Reddit (XTrinX)

McDonald said that FromSoftware planned Clew of Snakes (the release version has common enemies with the same name). Videos 2018and in the summer of 2021, blogger Foxy Hooligans showed progress in restoring the boss.

In a recent video, McDonald makes it clear what the snake ball fight was originally supposed to be: the arena at the exit of the Forbidden Forest was larger, the boss boasted high detail and a working animation for swallowing the player.

    Image source: YouTube (Lance McDonald)

Image source: YouTube (Lance McDonald)

The pale dragon models found earlier by MacDonald were conceived as part of the coil and its weak point. The boss could also bury some of the heads underground and break them out in various places to catch the user.

McDonald notes that the Clew of Serpents, even in the restored form, lacks many animations and sound effects – at one point FromSoftware abandoned the idea of ​​implementing the combat and chose Shadows of Yharnam as the Forbidden Forest boss.

However, the giant Coil of Serpents still had a chance to invade Bloodborne. A simplified version of the enemy (without pale and underground snakes) could appear in the same place late in the game, but in the end the developers discarded this option as well.

Bloodborne debuted exclusively on PS4 in March 2015 and has achieved iconic status in the community. Rumors of an expansion of the list of target platforms for the game have been circulating for several years, but have not yet been confirmed.

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