Video combat walks through the dungeon in the Dungeonborne action

Video: combat walks through the dungeon in the Dungeonborne action gameplay trailer

Developers from Mithril Interactive presented a gameplay trailer for Dungeonborne, their first-person action game with elements of the classic dungeon crawler. The publication of a new video is timed to coincide with the release of the demo version in Steam.

 Image source: Mithril Interactive

Image source: Mithril Interactive

The upcoming action game offers a standard set of adventures for a game of this genre: treasure hunting, exploration of ominous dungeons and battle with “terrifying monsters and cunning opponents”. There was a place for demonstration of all of the above in the trailer.

You can spend time in Dungeonborne either alone or with two allies. Players will be able to choose a suitable class for their character from seven offered: fighter, priest, rogue, sword master, pyromancer, cryomancer or death knight.

 Image source: Mithril Interactive

“Jump into battle, use devastating skills to break up enemy lines, apply life-saving buffs to your allies, or use tactical throwables to turn the tide.”– this is how the authors themselves describe the gameplay.

The project also has something to offer to fans of PvP content. In such cases, three-on-three battles take place in specially prepared arenas. When participating in battles with live players, you don’t have to worry about losing the equipment you obtained in the story mode.

Dungeonborne does not yet have a release date; for now, only PC is on the list of target platforms. The demo will be available until February 12.

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