Video: Colt vs. Visionaries and Their Time Loop in Deathloop Trailer

As part of the PlayStation Showcase 2021 presentation, viewers were shown a fresh trailer for Deathloop. New video Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks devoted to the plot of the upcoming shooter.

Image source: Xfire

The video shows the attempts of the protagonist Colt to break out of the time loop in which he was stuck on the Black Reef. The one-day cycle was created by eight visionaries to have endless fun. The protagonist does not know why he was locked on the island and who sent a cryptic message inviting him to visit the Black Reef. However, Colt seeks to get answers to the questions swarming in his head and at the same time to break the time loop. To do this, you will have to kill the visionaries, but first you need to find out exactly where they are hiding.

In parallel with the story of the plot details, a fresh trailer shows gameplay footage. Colt visits a variety of locations – the coastline, ornate houses, aircraft hangars, and so on. The protagonist is waiting for enemies everywhere, with which he can deal with in many ways. For example, the trailer showed how the main character blew up the roof of a nearby building and kicked the enemy there. And the second enemy Colt made him slip on gum from a broken vending machine.

Deathloop will be released on September 14, 2021 on PC and PS5 as a console exclusive. You can find out the system requirements of the game in this material.

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