Video: brutal combat system in the debut trailer for action RPG Project M

The South Korean studio Hound 13 (Hundred Soul: The Last Savior), at the Unreal Summit Online 2021 conference, presented a trailer for the prototype of its dark fantasy action RPG codenamed Project M.

Image source: Hound 13

Image source: Hound 13

The released video lasts a little over one and a half minutes and shows the character controlled by the player (it is known that this female), shredding left and right ordinary enemies and, it seems, the boss.

Judging by the video, Project M features a system of dismembering opponents into parts: the basic enemies are cut in half and cannot continue the battle, but the boss does not retreat even after losing his leg.

At the moment, very little is known about Project M: the project is being created for PC and unnamed consoles on the Unreal Engine 4 engine in parallel with the cross-platform MMO game Project D (PC and mobile devices).

Hound 13 was founded in 2014 and so far has only one release – the mobile Hundred Soul: The Last Savior in 2017. In July 2021, the studio raised over 20 billion won in investment from Garena (Free Fire).

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