Video Boss fight and conversation with birds in the new

Video: Boss fight and conversation with birds in the new NieR: Automata secret church demo

Reddit forum users under the alias sadfutago keep sharing with the community with footage of their exclusive find – the secret church in the philosophical action NieR: Automata from PlatinumGames studio.

    Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

Remember that the hidden zone is behind the secret door at the “City Replica” location. In the last video, Sadfutago came into the half-empty hall of the temple as an android A2, but couldn’t interact with anything.

The new video shows Sadfutago, who already controls the character 9S, breaking open a chest in the church which opens a status message for Yona (from NieR Replicant) lying on the nearby altar and activates the shadow boss.

From the first time Sadfutago failed to defeat the enemy, but when it finally succeeded, the user was able to turn to two birds perched on the fountain near the wall. This is where NieR: Automata switched from English to Japanese.

The rest of the conversation is repeated verbatim Scene in the Castle of the Lord of Shadows from the same NieR Replicant. Unfortunately, Sadfutago incorrectly answers the birds’ question as to why humans have disappeared from the world, ending up at the beginning of the segment.

According to dataminer Lance McDonald, the contents found, with the exception of the text after opening the chest, not included in every known assembly of Automata on PC or PS4, so it cannot be recreated by modders.

NieR: Automata was released on PC (Steam) and PS4 in March 2017, came out on Xbox One in June 2018 and will be available on Switch on October 6th, 2022. Until recently, it was believed that the game’s final secret was revealed in January 2021.

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