Video Bethesda talked about one of the companions in Starfield

Video: Bethesda talked about one of the companions in Starfield – the robot Vasco

Developers from Bethesda Game Studios presented a video dedicated to one of the player’s companions in the sci-fi RPG Starfield – the Vasco expedition robot.

    Frame from the video (second development diary)

Frame from the video (second development diary)

Vasco is the expeditionary robot of the newest group of space explorers, Constellation, which also includes the protagonist. The companion was first shown in the first trailer for Starfield. Also frames with him could be seen in the second diary of the developers. According to the lead artist of the project Istvan Pely (Istvan Pely), this is one of the favorite partners of the authors themselves.

Vasco is one of the first Lunar Robotics models developed for Constellation purposes. It is a heavy industrial machine that is ideally suited to the harsh conditions of space travel. The robot moves on two legs, can negotiate difficult terrain and carry all the equipment and loads needed for long transitions. His body is painted in the faction’s red and white colors.

    Frame from video

Frame from video

Vasco’s main task is to accompany the player on peaceful missions, but in dangerous situations he can use his weapon built into his right hand. “Over the years of travel, the paint on the hull has worn off and the panels are dented, but it’s still a dependable companion that an intrepid explorer like you can count on.”said Peli.

    Vasco repairs Frontier NG1350 (concept art)

Vasco repairs the Frontier NG1350. Concept art source: Reddit

In the second trailer in the Into the Starfield series, released last month, the developers talked about the return of unique character traits and backstories, the persuasion system in dialogue, and the use of photogrammetry to create models and environments. At the same time new concept art. Previously published video clip with fragments of work on the illustration “Journey Through Space” by artist Mike Butkus.

In the first issue of the diaries, the authors talked about the emergence of the studio’s modern look and the general concept of Starfield. The makers promise “a new level of exploration of the game world” and a more believable scientific basis than in Fallout.

    Frame from the video (first trailer)

Frame from video

Starfield is slated for release on November 11, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X and S. On release day, the role-playing game will be available on Xbox Game Pass. In December, Bethesda Game Studios Executive Producer Todd Howard noted that the team had accomplished something “great progress” In Progress.

Last month, Bethesda Softworks announced its intention to support Fallout 76 for at least another five years. At the end of March, the company announced the conclusion of an agreement with the studio Double Eleven – it will help in the creation of content for the game.


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