Video: authors of psychological thriller Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo talk about their sources of inspiration

The Microids publishing house, together with the Pendulo studio, has released the latest development diary of the psychological thriller Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, which is due out on December 16 on PC (Steam and GOG).

Image source: Microids

Image source: Microids

The latest video highlights specific cinematic techniques used by the authors of the project in Vertigo. The developers also talk about “Hitchcock influence”taken into account when creating a thriller.

Pendulo tried to adapt the famous story (in the 1958 film Vertigo) for a new viewer, while remaining faithful to the original material. Adrian Hernandez, a technical and environmental artist, said that the team tried to recreate the inimitable atmosphere of the films of acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock in the game.

Special work with the background, color matching, post-processing, Alfred Hitchcock’s unique storytelling technique – all this, according to the assurances of the Pendulo employees, will be in the upcoming Vertigo.

Recall, according to the plot of the game, the writer Ed Miller, who got into a car accident, during therapy will have to find out the truth about what happened, along the way struggling with the dizziness that developed due to injury.

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