Video: arranging a personal castle and hunting people in a vampire action trailer with elements of MMO V Rising

A new video of vampire action with elements of the survival simulator and MMO V Rising from Stunlock Studios has appeared on the YouTube channel of the IGN publication. The game was announced back in May, and in a fresh video, the developers showed its main elements: the arrangement of a personal castle, the hunt for people for the sake of blood supply and battle.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

In the project, users will have to reincarnate as vampires and survive in the gothic world. The adventure begins with the character rising from a coffin in some dusty room. Then he has to create and equip his own castle. The process is shown in detail in the trailer: the user first builds walls, then adds useful structures and decorates the interior. Surely the portals and statues shown in the video will give various bonuses to the hero or open up certain opportunities.

The trailer also shows the hunt for humans. The player is free to enlist the support of other users in order to jointly attack settlements and arrange a bloody feast. This should be done at night, as during the day the vampires weaken.

No less attention is paid to the battles in the video. Vampires can use polearms and melee weapons, as well as apply skills. The latter include the launch of energy projectiles, jump with impact on the ground, rapid rotation around its axis, and much more.

V Rising is announced for PC, the release date has not yet been announced.

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