Video A streamer girl connected an EEG device to her

Video: A streamer girl connected an EEG device to her brain to play Elden Ring with the power of thought

Blogger Jake Lucky noticedthat British-Canadian streamer Perri, aka Perrikaryal, has found a very unusual way to play the open-world action RPG Elden Ring.

    Image Source: Steam (Archonnis)

Image Source: Steam (Archonnis)

To strike in the game, Perry uses an electroencephalography (EEG) device that monitors the brain’s bioelectrical activity through electrodes on the surface of the head.

Actions in the game are tied to certain types of brain activity: with sufficient concentration, Perrikaryal can force his hero to cast a spell or take a sip from a healing flask with literal mind power.

As you can see from the gameplay snippet above, Perry doesn’t use a behind-the-scenes hidden controller or a dance mat to attack, a more popular way of playing FromSoftware’s hardcore action games.

It is worth noting that during intense battles the girl will loudly call out the desired actions, but Elden Ring does not respond to voice commands, only to specific brain activity.

Talking to Lucky perrikaryal confessedthat it takes more than an hour to train the brain for each action: so far she has only mastered the attack and treat button, but in the future she hopes to connect other skills.

To follow Perry’s attempts to use the EEG device and complete Elden Ring with the power of his mind, visit Girls of the Twitch channel. In such an unusual way, the streamer has already played for more than a dozen hours.

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