Video A hunter on his kart and a trick system

Video: A hunter on his kart and a trick system in the new trailer for the racing arcade Bloodborne Kart

Heartstrings Studios Lead Programmer Lilith Walther introduced a new trailer for their arcade racing game Bloodborne Kart, made based on the gothic action Bloodborne.

    Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

Image Credit: Bloodborne Kart

The released video lasts just under 40 seconds and is meant to be a formal introduction to the Hunter (the protagonist of Bloodborne) – in fact the first confirmed character for the Bloodborne Kart.

Compared to previous demos, the Bloodborne Kart version of the Hunter has its own kart with dual exhaust pipes and a lamp swinging behind the racer.

Additionally, a 40-second trailer introduces the trick system that Bloodborne Kart’s heroes can perform. The feint is performed by pressing the drift button and gives “free” acceleration upon landing.

Bloodborne Kart is expected to be released on PC when the game launches “Will be ready”. The developer promises a short single-player campaign, a split-screen mode and a selection of vehicles in the project.

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