Video a detailed story about the features of the upcoming

Video: a detailed story about the features of the upcoming The Settlers

Publisher Ubisoft and developers from the German studio Ubisoft Düsseldorf have released a new video about The Settlers, which reports on the development process of the upcoming strategy. This project is a rethink of the classic series, but it was extremely important to the writers to keep all the key features.

Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

The main task that the developers set themselves was to find a balance between old and new. “We want a strategy reimagining that is unique in its genre and loved by both long-time fans of the series and new players alike.”, said Christian Hagedorn, creative director of Ubisoft, in the video.

The economic component of the new The Settlers will be important from the start. The player has to build settlements, collect and manage resources, develop infrastructure and roads.

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Thanks to engineers – representatives of a new profession – users can construct buildings, expand territories, search for underground deposits and interact with landmarks. The latter are strategically important points that can be conquered and receive rewards for doing so (if the necessary requirements are met).

The developers also talked about the factions (there will be three in total) in The Settlers, each with their own unique traits. The player will be able to choose a faction for his preferred game style, so the authors of the project are advised to try different options in skirmish mode.

The closed beta of Settlers will run from January 20th to 24th. To become a member, you must apply Page? site games. The strategy game will be available exclusively for PC (Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store) on March 17th this year.



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