Video A couple of trailers for the shareware shooter Rogue

Video: A couple of trailers for the shareware shooter Rogue Company with the Invisible Girl and a landscape map

First Watch Games developers have teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios to release a couple of new trailers for the shareware shooter Rogue Company. The first video is dedicated to the new agent – the blonde girl Glimpse, who the developers call “The result of a dangerous gene experiment”… The second video focuses on a new card called Meltdown.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

The video with the announcement of the operator demonstrates the main capabilities of Glimpse: the ability to become invisible, the use of smoke grenades and close combat techniques. In real combat, the heroine prefers submachine guns and rifles.

The Meltdown Map suggests a journey to the destroyed geothermal plant in. before “The Heart of the Arctic Tundra”… The new location also found a place for a dormant volcano and a top-secret research base in the field of AI.

The free-to-play shooter Rogue Company is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The content of two new videos will be released shortly for the game.

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