Video 15 minute gameplay action platformer Grim Guardians Demon Purge

Video: 15 minute gameplay action platformer Grim Guardians: Demon Purge from the writers of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

As part of the BitSummit X-Roads exhibition in Kyoto, Inti Creates, co-creator of the Mega Man series and creator of the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon duology, showed approximately 15 minutes of gameplay from the recently announced action-platformer Grim Warden: Demon Cleansing. The video was published by the website IGN Japan.

    Image Source: Inti Created

Image Source: Inti Created

In Grim Guardians: Demon Purge, players take on the role of the two Kamizono sisters, characters from the rail shooter series Gal Gun. According to the plot, the heroines must save their home academy from the invasion of demons. The eldest, Shinobu, shoots enemies from afar with a submachine gun, and the youngest, Maya, fights at close range with origami weapons. In single player mode, players can switch between sisters on the fly and use their unique abilities wisely, while in cooperative mode they control only one of them. The authors promise detailed difficulty settings and differences in repeated passages.

The video shows the gameplay in the original locations in single player and co-op. In addition to the usual enemies, in the first 15 minutes of the game, the sisters encountered stronger opponents (a guard with a shield at the castle gate, three-headed Hydras and Cerberus), as well as a boss – a huge bat with a demon’s head.

Founded in 1996 by Capcom natives, Studio Inti Creates now has about a hundred employees. The team created the platform series Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty Gunvolt, Blaster Master Zero, the aforementioned Gal Gun, and the Metroidvania dilogy Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (a spin-off of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ). , as well as the collection of remasters Mega Man Zero Collection. In addition, she helped Capcom develop Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 and worked on Mighty No. 9 with Comcept, the studio of Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune.

This summer the developers released two parts of Azure Striker Gunvolt on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and next winter the third part of the action platformer series will be released on PC.

Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is being developed for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S and Nintendo Switch. Release dates are not given.

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