Viber group chats now support disappearing messages

Viber developers continue to improve the messenger, adding new features that help compete with similar services. This time, users have the ability to send auto-disappearing messages in group chats. Previously, this feature was only available in private conversations.

Image: Sliced ​​Brand

Image: Sliced ​​Brand

According to the available data, disappearing messages can be activated directly in the group chat without having to look for the corresponding switch in the settings menu. Users can send messages that will be automatically deleted after 10 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, or 1 day after reading.

When disappearing messages are activated, Viber will automatically block the forwarding, copying and screenshotting functions. These restrictions are supported in the messenger for Android 6 and later versions of the software platform. In the Version of Viber for older versions of Android and iOS devices, the sender will be notified if someone in the chat takes a screenshot of the disappearing message. Note that disappearing messages can contain not only text, but also stickers, photos, etc.

“We’re excited to give Viber users full control over how they send messages in their private and group chats. Privacy has long been a top priority for us, as evidenced by our commitment to end-to-end encryption. With this update, our commitment to privacy becomes even more personal to our users and the people they communicate with. “– said Nadav Melnick, vice president of products for Rakuten Viber.

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