Very similar to Left 4 Dead but needs an overhaul

“Very similar to Left 4 Dead but needs an overhaul”: Co-op shooter The Anacrusis has begun early access

Developers Stray Bombay have released the trailer for The Anacrusis, a co-op first-person shooter set in a huge distressed spaceship on the fringes of the known universe. At the time of publishing this material, the project has already entered Early Access. steam, as well as in Microsoft store and Game Pass (PC and Xbox).

Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The Anacrusis reflects the central theme of Left 4 Dead: four player-controlled heroes battle vast masses of enemies and navigate unique story episodes. All of the action (like in Left 4 Dead) is controlled by an AI director who adjusts the difficulty according to the users’ skill level.

At the start of Early Access, The Anacrusis includes working core mechanics, three episodes with completed features, and crossplay on all target platforms.

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On Steam, The Anacrusis already has a rating of 71% based on 92 reviews. Early gamers praise the project for its unique visual style and gameplay resembling Left 4 Dead. But the flawed enemy artificial intelligence, ambiguous level design, and underdeveloped shooting mechanics were the main causes of disappointment.

The full release of The Anacrusis is expected in 9-12 months after the launch of Early Access. Version 1.0 will reportedly feature more episodes, modes, and other content.

The Anacrusis Preview is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The project has also expanded the Game Pass library (PC and Xbox). v Epic game store Shooter will be available for purchase in the near future.


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