VanMoof unveils 60 km / h electric bike – illegal in many countries

Dutch company VanMoof has released data on its first electric bike to reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. That’s a lot more than the manufacturer’s models already on the market can squeeze out – their top speeds are 25 km / h in Europe and 20 mph in the United States. The characteristics of the novelty do not at all correspond to the laws of many countries.



VanMoof V is an e-bike, the user of which can help the car by pedaling. Perhaps the characteristics of transport will force lawmakers and officials responsible for urban planning to reconsider the very principles of building urban infrastructure – the model will be dangerous both on public roads and on sidewalks, not least for the owners themselves. Nevertheless, it is much more promising than cars due to its greater efficiency and compactness.

The V has the recognizable and often copied VanMoof signature design. Both wheels are driven by separate electric motors, powered by a 700 Wh battery. This energy reserve allows you to make long cycling trips, and the trips are significantly “softened” thanks to the front and rear independent wheel suspension, mounted on a strong and lightweight aluminum frame. There are also VanMoof-specific features such as a Turbo Boost button, automatic gear shifting and a keyless lock system to protect against theft.

The model does not imply owner-replaceable battery, but users are offered the option of extending the range with the optional PowerBank.

The VanMoof V will initially start selling in Holland, Germany, France, UK, USA and Japan for $ 3498 / € 3498 / £ 3498. The prices are not particularly low, but noticeably lower than the popular models of the Swiss company Stromer – from € 4,500 to over € 10,000. In addition, it is a more perfect alternative to American brands like Super73, Juiced and RadPower.

While VanMoof V is still in development and the first deliveries to customers are not planned until the end of 2022. However, customers can already book a purchase for $ 20 / € 20 / £ 20.

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