Vampire The Masquerade Blood Hunt fresh blood Verification

Vampire: The Masquerade – Blood Hunt. fresh blood. Verification

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The battle royale genre seems to have finally taken shape: several undisputed leaders are dominating the market, and rare newcomers are barely able to change the existing power distribution – some disappear as quickly as they appear, while others remain purely chamber fun close circle by connoisseurs. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt looks like a big league application capable of winning over genre audiences, but at the same time it feels like quite a niche project. However, it makes you think about it after game fifty, and before that, Bloody Hunt effortlessly pulls hard vampire showdowns into the Prague Symphony, to the silent accompaniment of an irresistibly closing curtain of red gas…

    The view of the old town is really mesmerizing

The view of the old town is really mesmerizing

Big problems in little Prague

The “Department”, a human organization aimed at the systematic extermination of vampires, decided to use the latest development – red gas. A deadly substance has surrounded the capital of the Czech Republic and is confidently devouring street after street, destroying all non-living (mortals are not afraid of gas) who fall under its influence. At the same time, a fundamental conflict arose within the Fanged community, escalating into a bitter confrontation over the use of firearms, melee weapons, and powerful vampire abilities.

Active and passive abilities vary from clan to clan and class within a tier. Let’s say all Brujahs have the ability to quickly get airborne. And Bruhi Vandals, for example, take less damage in melee combat and can also leap forward, damaging and knocking up enemies. Her brawler sisters and brothers are able to restore health out of combat and launch a powerful wave smash that can reflect bullets. Nosferatu, on the other hand, are vulnerable to attacks from the shadows, aided by the ability to briefly disappear; Bullfighters can create a projection and instantly move to it if necessary. and Peacekeepers (so far the only representatives of the Ventrue clan) can acquire “Marble Meat”, which grants short-term invulnerability.

    Red gas does not kill instantly and can be used tactically, for example to get behind enemy lines.  But it is better not to stay here long.

Red gas does not kill instantly and can be used tactically, for example to get behind enemy lines. But it is better not to stay here long.

There are also common passive skills for all classes. For example, increase the starting ammunition of the “Bandolier”; replacing the original low-power pistol with a much more effective “warrior” melee weapon; or “Juggernaut,” in which any fall from a great height deals damage to anyone within the affected area. Also provided are the passive abilities Sanguine and Choleric, which provide valuable bloody resonances.

But you can get them without spending the only slot on a passive ability. You can just have lunch with mere mortals who for some reason found themselves on the streets that ominous night. After drinking from a sanguine person, we will gain the ability to gradually restore shattered health; After indulging in a phlegmatic or melancholic, we accelerate the restoration of active skills. and by biting your fangs into a choleric’s neck, you can expect an increase in damage from melee weapons. By default, the player is only given three slots for such upgrades, but their number can be increased by killing a vampire opponent, performing diableri (i.e. biting off a vampire), or trying an office fighter. They can be found at roadblocks spread liberally throughout the Old Town.

Any fallen enemy can be taken out with a weapon. However, casting Diablerie brings some additional benefits, although it is risky – you have to stand in one place for several seconds

You can also benefit from valuable weapons in these places. Cases of a special (purple or even orange) rarity are hidden in special containers, such as: B. Assault or sniper rifles, submachine guns, revolvers. And sometimes a real minigun is hidden there, which for all its pomp seemed rather clumsy, slow and ineffective.

In addition to the not so dangerous (and sometimes downright stupid) AI guards at the “Departments” item, other players are waiting in the places of victory for the opportunity to ambush insidiously. We however Have fun No one interferes with this tactic either. In fact, in Bloodhunt, it’s not the most accurate and skilful that wins, but rather the most patient and cunning. Also, understanding when it is better to fly into battle and when to hastily and prudently retreat will definitely affect the satisfying outcome of the game. And of course, the ability to navigate off-road coupled with a thorough knowledge of each road will also help you take high positions in the game.

    After killing a mortal with a stray bullet or starting to drain a bystander in full view, the player immediately becomes the target of the

After killing a mortal with a stray bullet or starting to drain a bystander in full view, the player immediately becomes the target of the “Blood Hunt” and is visible to all other vampires for about a minute

Royal Chamber Battle

And Bloodhunt often throws up various special deals for the party and so isn’t deprived of momentum. For example, during the Bounty Bounty promotion, rarer gear will spawn everywhere, and as a result, battles will fill with extra bravery. And, for example, in “windy weather” red gas spreads several times faster, which, of course, affects the speed of combat and the frequency of collisions with opponents.

However, the map itself is quite small. At first, this is perceived extremely positively, since such a size of the location contributes to increased intensity of gaming sessions, and the games do not drag on. But after some time the interior and exterior of Prague becomes noticeably boring, visually you want something different. From the visible routine, different modes are partially saved, slightly changing the rules of the game – “Duet” and “Troika”. Here, victory is achieved only through the coordinated work of the team, and vampires, for example, do not have a spare life like in solo mode.

The reflection of rolled balls not only looks spectacular, but can also save in an almost hopeless situation.

However, no matter which mode you try your hand at, every party really gets the blood pumping, and almost every local skirmish turns out to be a crazy dance of death. A well-executed verticality adds its own dynamic and gives a lot of scope for short-term tactical maneuvers and spectacular attack pirouettes. And while that’s still not enough to push the genre’s mastodons forward, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt definitely counts as fresh blood in the realm of royal battles.


  • dynamic and intense gameplay with a lot of interesting finds;
  • perfectly embodied setting of Vampire: The Masquerade;
  • a variety of game classes to suit all tastes.


  • sometimes the AI ​​of non-player characters gives out strange incidents that spoil the gloomy atmosphere a bit;
  • It is clearly felt that the game needs other maps and possibly additional modes.


Bloodhunt has excellent and compelling stylization: the carefully rendered streets of Prague are amazingly atmospheric, as are the interiors of local establishments. And elements of the Vampire: The Masquerade universe, cleverly integrated into everyday landscapes, fully immerse you in the world of fierce vampire battles.


The musical design of the game is a bit greyish and hardly a composition will be remembered.

But the sound design is really well done and directly affects the gameplay – hearing footsteps nearby or gunshots in the distance is sometimes more useful than finding an orange barrel of rarity.

The battle sound is performed at an exceptionally high level: the shots from different types of weapons, the bounce of melee weapons on vampire flesh, the effects that accompany the use of various skills.

single player game

Not provided. You can only do a short workout in glorious isolation.

collective game

Excellent royal combat in an unusual setting with interesting class traits, superbly implemented verticality, and fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping combat.

All of this can be experienced in several exciting online modes: “Solo” (and its ranked version), “Duo” and “Triples”. Sessions are always fast and the network code is superbly optimized.

Estimated travel time

The games are lightning fast – even the longest and most intense battle lasts no more than ten minutes. Breaking out of the game is very, very difficult. And despite the fact that Prague gets a bit boring in three or four dozen hours, Bloodlines still irresistibly beckons and forces you to play “one last party more”. Vampire magnetism, not otherwise.

overall impression

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt offers a fresh, dynamic and brutal take on the genre. It may not become a pillar of the genre, but it will definitely fill its own niche.

Rating: 8.0/10

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