Valve You cant just swap out the vapor deck LCD

Valve: You can’t just swap out the vapor deck LCD screen for an OLED panel

Valve would love to add an OLED screen to the Steam Deck portable game console, but the idea won’t be easy to implement. Valve technical engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais spoke about this in an interview with a journalist from the PC Gamer portal.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

Valve understands that the Steam deck screen could be better. “We want him to be better. We are reviewing all options”Griffe noted, but added that the problem of replacing the screen is much more complicated than just installing one component in place of another.

“I think people see this as a simple incremental improvement to the console and assume it’s easy to do. But in reality, the screen is the heart of the console. Everything in Deck is built around it. There is a relationship between every component, especially when it comes to such a compact device. In fact, such a seemingly simple idea of ​​​​replacing the screen with a more advanced one requires a lot more work than many people realize. We don’t rule anything out, but screen swapping isn’t just about swapping one screen for another. There are many more issues that need to be resolved before such a replacement is possible.”said handles.

When developing the Steam Deck, Valve paid special attention to the LCD screen. In particular, the company has long thought about how to reduce the backlight brightness of the IPS display for comfortable use in low light, while keeping the screen capable of dynamically changing the refresh rate to increase the autonomy of the set-top increase box. According to Griffe, it is possible to implement these functions on an OLED matrix, but this requires specific configuration and tuning.

“Something like this has to be planned in advance. When designing the set-top box screen, we tried to ensure that it would support the specified features, although dynamic display refresh rate technology wasn’t ready at the time. It was very important to us that these functions are supported. Therefore, these characteristics must be taken into account when considering other options. [дисплея]. The question here is not which screen is better – LCD or OLED. This is about the development of the entire system and everything that lies between the screen and the single-chip SoC of this console.Added handles.

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