Valve will abandon the Dota Pro Circuit system the

Valve will abandon the Dota Pro Circuit system – the current professional season of Dota 2 will be the last

Dota 2 developers at Valve Studio unexpectedly announced that the current professional season (also known as Dota Pro Circuit or DPC) of the popular MOBA will be the last. The authors explain the reasons for this decision told on the official blog.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

The DPC format replaced the invitation system in 2017. Anyone who wanted to take part in the international e-sports tournament had to achieve a certain number of qualification points.

Valve admits that the Dota Pro Circuit has served its purpose in terms of functionality, but the rules and restrictions that come with the current system have made the Dota 2 scene professional “Much less fun”.

According to Valve, Dota was competitive before the DPC “Healthier, more reliable and more diverse”: The organizers experimented with the duration and locations of the events, the number of teams and the concept of the competition.

“There was something beautiful in the carefree madness of private house parties and oyster prize pools alongside behemoths like the Dota Asia Championship and short, closed competitions.”says Valve.

The cancellation of the Dota Pro Circuit will not mean the end of the professional Dota 2 scene: “Competitive Dota existed long before the DPC system was introduced and will continue to exist for a very long time.”.

Valve won’t let The International down either – preparing for the 2024 tournament “is in full swing”and in four weeks The International 2023 begins. It takes place from October 12th to 29th in Seattle.


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