Valve The technology is not yet developed enough for Steam

Valve: The technology is not yet developed enough for Steam Deck 2.0 to appear

In parallel with the announcement of the Steam Deck OLED, Valve engineers talked about the work they have done and the features they have added to the modernized portable gaming console. Regarding innovations, they expressed the opinion that there is simply no technology yet that can provide a noticeable increase in performance necessary to create a completely new gaming console. So don’t expect a Steam Deck 2.0 any time soon.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

“Both the screen and the battery were pretty obvious things [для апгрейда]says Valve veteran and Steam Deck product designer Greg Coomer. — But the screen is, in my opinion, the greatest example of what we could have put in the first generation model, but didn’t because OLED screens with such characteristics and in this size simply did not exist.”. Many of the new Steam Deck OLED features were initiated at user request, such as a special Bluetooth antenna or an extended power cable.

Valve engineers separately noted the improved maintainability of the Steam Deck OLED – the console is easier to disassemble and repair yourself. Greg Coomer thinks so “Users can control what they buy, and an open software stack is as valuable as the ability to install a different operating system.”.

    Image source: The Verge

Image source: The Verge

Valve benefits when users have access to the full range of features because they innovate with us. So we believe that we will continue to benefit from this, that customers will continue to benefit from this and that they can help each other by providing each other with changes or modifications, so it is encouraging for everyone.”“, Greg concluded.

Commenting on the release of the updated Steam Deck OLED console, Valve hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat noted: “Of course we would like to achieve even more performance with the same performance, but such technology does not yet exist. I think this is what we would call Steam Deck 2.0.. According to Yazan, the entire development team would like to be there “The trend in performance per watt has accelerated”but so far no breakthrough has been achieved in this area.

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