Valve showed a disassembly of the Stam Deck console and strongly asked not to repeat what he saw

Valve has released an official video showing the disassembly process for the upcoming Steam Deck portable console. However, before starting the demonstration of disassembling the device, the company set aside about a minute to warn users against repeating what they saw.

A Valve spokesperson in the video says that the owners of the console have every right to open it if they want, but the company strongly discourages ever doing it. The video says: “The Steam Deck is a very carefully engineered system and the components for this product are carefully selected for their design and are not intended to be replaced by the user.“. However, despite the warnings, the company probably understands that there will still be people willing to take apart the Steam Deck. The video posted can serve as a helpful guide for them.

In the video, Valve shows how to replace two system components. First, the company demonstrated how to replace joysticks. Second, the process of replacing the solid state drive was shown. Valve has said it will begin shipping spare parts such as joysticks, storage drives, and likely more in the coming months.

The video tutorial is especially useful for buyers of a console with an eMMC drive. Like the SSD, it uses an M.2 connector, so this component can be replaced without much difficulty, significantly increasing the performance of the device. However, it should be borne in mind that when replacing the drive, the user will have to reinstall the OS and re-download the previously purchased games.

Valve says Steam Deck shipments will begin in December. The device has become an object of high demand even before entering the market, so those who pre-order a new product now will have to wait for their console at least until the second quarter of 2022.

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