Valve says Steam Deck 2 will be released in a

Valve says Steam Deck 2 will be released “in a few years.”

With the release of the Steam Deck portable console, Valve made it clear that it expects to release multiple generations of the device in the future. But she won’t rush into anything – the conditional Steam Deck 2 will have to wait until the end of 2025, perhaps even longer, she told reporters The edge and CNBC corporate spokesman Pierre-Loup Griffais.

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“It is important to us that the deck provides a predetermined performance target and that the message to customers is simple: every deck can run the same games. That is, we do not want to take performance changes lightly and only do so when a sufficiently significant gain can be achieved. We also don’t want performance to come at the expense of energy efficiency and battery life. I don’t think such a leap will be possible in the next few years, but we continue to monitor innovations in architecture and manufacturing processes to see where things go from there.”said Mr. Griffe.

Technically, you can still run the latest games using the Steam Deck, although this becomes increasingly difficult with titles like The Last of Us Part I, Redfall and Starfield. Other console manufacturers take a different strategy and release improved versions of devices within the same generation. For example, the same Nintendo updated the Switch twice, adding a larger battery and a better screen. Valve is aware that the Steam Deck is not perfect, and even company officials admitted that the device’s weak points were its screen and battery. But they plan to solve these problems in the next generation console – I’m glad the company didn’t abandon the project.

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