Valve posted a description of the next big patch for

Valve posted a description of the next big patch for Dota 2 in the form of an emoji – fans have already set about deciphering it

On the eve of the start of the annual e-sports tournament The International 2023, Dota 2 users were waiting for news about update 7.34 and were waiting: Valve published a list of features of the upcoming patch, but in an unusual format.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

Valve has presented the list of changes that version 7.34 brings with it entirely in the form of emojis. What happened was the fault of a certain VE, who made his way to the Valve office and stole the list.

Encrypted corrections have already become the number one goal for connoisseurs of this language of ideograms and emoticons. Specifically, users pledged to solve the code steam And Reddit forum.

Judging by the list, update 7.34 has over 600 changes. Some have already been deciphered: Riki loses two armor points, the recipe for the Monkey King Bar staff gets a discount, and so on. Adjustments and the captain mode await.

    cipher example

cipher example

Allegedlythat Patch 7.34 will be released prior to the start of The International 2023 Regional Qualifiers, which will be held August 17-31. Most likely, by the premiere, either fans will decode all the emojis, or the developers themselves will publish the translation of the list.

In June, Valve promised to overhaul the update format for Dota 2, shifting the focus from the annual Battle Pass to “various amusements” Innovations (see “New Horizons”, version 7.33).

International 2023 will take place in Seattle from October 14th to 29th this year. The Dota 2-themed update will be released in September: it will allow you to replenish the prize pool and will not be called a Battle Pass.


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